My mother deserves a better daughter

From a couple years ago, but my favorite picture of us

From a couple years ago, but my favorite picture of us

My mother understands me. I am not sure how to explain, how to make you realize how well my mother knows me. I am a hard person to get along with, I am a stubborn opinionated perfectionist. My mother is an overly-loving fierce mother, we often butt-heads especially when I feel like she loves me too much. I often forget what she does, what she says is out of love. I often forget to say thank you. She knows me, she understands me, and she still loves me even when I am being a full on bitch.
My mother is my biggest supporter. She has always believed in me and fought against anyone who tried to put me down. I struggled in elementary school, especially third grade. I would work so hard trying to read and comprehend, but somehow I never could comprehend what I had read. Oh and then there was spelling, ugh. I would cry most nights while trying to complete my homework. My mother worked so hard to help me but she couldn’t understand what was holding me back. She believed I was intelligent, she knew something was wrong. Like any good mother she approached the teacher. My third grade teacher was under the impression I was not intelligent. The teacher knew in her heart I would not accomplish much in the academic world, I was doomed to be left behind the curve. My teacher was confident (my 3rd grade teacher!) graduating high school would be a stretch for me. This teacher even went to so far to separate myself and another boy from the rest of the class, we sat on the side of the board while the rest of the class sat in front of the board. It was humiliating. Kids started treating me differently and I was very confused. I worked hard, I tried my best, I am smart in some things, why was I being told I was dumb. I didn’t feel dumb. My mother fought against this teacher for the rest of the year and had me transfer to the private school next door.
Of course I had to take a placement test to enter the private school. My test results were extremely low and the school was hesitant to let me in, let alone allow me to stay with my age group. But my mother begged and pleaded. She assured them I was intelligent, I was never given the right tools to help me learn. She promised the school I could catch up with my age group, I was a hard worker, I could do it. The first year at the school was difficult but my mother was right there by my side each day. She had me tested and found my block, she found my learning disability and got me help. She never did my homework for me but she was there supporting me. Even at a young age I was a perfectionist. I would scream and yell if my homework wasn’t up to my standard. I would always be willing to throw in the towel. But my mother was patient. She would help calm me down and we would go over my homework together. Within a year at the private school, with the help of my mother and tutoring classes, I was caught up with my grade. I wasn’t a straight A student but every A or B I received on my report card was highly celebrated. My mother was even proud when I got a C because she knew how hard I had worked.
High school went by in a flash. My mother by my side every step of the way and I graduated with a 3.0 GPA, a huge accomplishment for me. And I have recently received my Bachelor of Science, take that 3rd grade teacher! I now plan to become a physical therapist. I would never have gotten this far if it wasn’t for my mother. She could have accepted the 3rd grade teacher’s reality and let me slip through the cracks of the public education system but she refused. She saved me before anyone even realized I needed saving.
I love my mom to the moon and back. I forget to tell her so. I forget what she has done for me. Some may say she was only doing a mother’s duty, but I believe she went beyond a mother’s duty and made sure her child had a fighting chance in this world. She taught me how to work hard, not by showing me how to work hard, but making me work hard. She taught me to believe in myself and no one’s opinion matters unless I determine it does. I have the power to choose my destiny, but I wouldn’t have that power if she hadn’t given it to me. Not everyone is given the tools to succeed in life and not many mothers know how to help their children in the way my mother helped me. I am truly grateful, truly blessed, truly loved. So thank you mom, I don’t say it enough, I don’t show it enough. You deserve a more appreciative daughter, you deserve better. I love you.


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  1. This is one of the sweetest blog posts I have ever read! It is awesome that you are honoring your Mom like this. And, good for you!

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